Top Electric Bikes in Australia 2024

Discover Australia's Leading Cycle Brands & Popular Electric Models

Australia's cycling scene is booming! Whether you're an eco-conscious commuter seeking an electric bike (e-bike) or a thrill-seeking adventurer searching for the perfect mountain bike, there's a perfect two-wheeled companion waiting for you. This guide delves into Australia's top bicycle brands, from innovative electric bike manufacturers (e.g., Reid Cycles, Ampd Brothers Electric) to established cycling giants like Trek Bikes and Giant. We'll explore popular models across various categories, including Reid's affordable E-Trail 2.0 electric mountain bike. So, buckle up and get ready to discover your dream bike!

Best Electric Bikes In Australia 2024

Top 10 Electric Bike Brands in Australia (2024)

1. NCM
2. Veloz
3. Ampd Bros
4. Dust
5. Cannondale
6. Giant
7. Specialized
8. Trek
9. Reid
10. Momentum

Let's take a look at these brands and see which ones have the most popular models.


NCM is a company that sells electric bikes. They offer a variety of models, including folding bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, fat tire bikes, and cruiser bikes. Their bikes range in price from $899 to $2999. Some of the popular models include NCM Moscow Plus, NCM Aspen Plus, and NCM M7. Customers have rated NCM highly for their customer service, with many saying they received excellent service and advice. They also praise the fast shipping and easy assembly process. NCM offers a variety of replacement parts and accessories for their bikes.

NCM Moscow PlusNCM Moscow PlusNCM Aspen PlusNCM Aspen PlusNCM M7NCM M7


Veloz is an Australian company offering a wide range of electric scooters, bikes and trikes designed for everyday rides with smooth acceleration and precise handling. Their electric scooters come in a variety of models, including all terrain, dual motor, long range, three wheel and models for adults. They also offer electric bikes such as mountain bikes and fat tire electric bikes. Finally, Veloz offers electric cargo trikes with a variety of wattages and load capacities. Popular models include Veloz Discovery Pro e-bike, Veloz TXL e-bike (750/1500 Watts), and Veloz EO Discovery e-bike.

Veloz Discovery ProVeloz Discovery ProVeloz TXLVeloz TXLVeloz EO DiscoveryVeloz EO Discovery

Ampd Bros

Ampd Brothers Electric, the #1 Bike Brand in Australia, offers high-quality electric vehicles like e-bikes, skateboards, dirt bikes and more. They are known for popular models like Chubbie-S, ACE-X Demon Dual Motor, Ripitude 2 and provide a variety of electric bikes including cruisers, mountain bikes and kids' options, along with trailers and safety gear. Ampd Brothers Electric prides itself on the high quality and durability of its products, offering a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

Ampd Bros Chubbie SAmpd Bros Chubbie SAmpd Bros Ace-X Demon Dual MotorAmpd Bros Ace-X Demon Dual MotorAmpd Bros Riptide 2Ampd Bros Riptide 2


DUST is a company that sells high-performance electric bikes known for their speed and range. They offer financing options and free shipping on all their bikes. They currently have two popular models: the Urban, ideal for commuting with a range of over 200 kilometers on a single charge, and the Ranger, perfect for exploring new places with a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour. DUST also sells a variety of accessories to customize your ride, such as surf racks, rear baskets, and phone holders.

DUST UrbanDUST UrbanDUST RangerDUST Ranger


Cannondale offers a wide range of bicycles, including electric bikes like the Adventure Neo 4, comfortable hybrids for commuting like the Topstone Neo SL 2, and many more. They also have mountain bikes and kids' bikes. Cannondale also offers a variety of cycling gear, including components and accessories. Additionally, they have a mobile app that allows you to track your rides, share routes, and get automatic service notifications.

Cannondale Adventure Neo 4Cannondale Adventure Neo 4Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2Cannondale Topstone Neo SL 2


Giant is a leading brand of bicycles and cycling gear, known for innovation and helping riders of all abilities reach their potential. They've introduced new technologies like lighter aluminum frames and carbon fiber bikes. They sell a wide variety of bicycles including road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, cross & gravel bikes, and kids bikes. Some of their popular models include Explore E+ 1 STA, Revolt E+, and Reign E+ 2 which are electric bikes.

Giant Explore E Plus 1 STAGiant Explore E Plus 1 STAGiant Revolt E Plus 2022Giant Revolt E Plus 2022Giant Reign E Plus 2Giant Reign E Plus 2


Specialized is a company that designs and manufactures bicycles and cycling equipment. They offer a wide variety of bikes, including electric, mountain, road, active, and kids models, and they also work to advocate for the trail builders who maintain the trails that mountain bikers use. Some of their popular and exciting electric bikes are Turbo Creo SL Expert, S-Works Turbo Levo, and Turbo Tero 3.0.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL ExpertSpecialized Turbo Creo SL ExpertSpecialized S-Works Turbo Levo 2022Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo 2022Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0


Trek Bikes is a company that sells bicycles and cycling gear. They have a variety of bikes including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and electric bikes. Trek also sells equipment, clothing and accessories. They have a presence in Australia with stores and retailers. With a wide range of products, Trek Bikes caters to a variety of cyclists, from beginners to professionals. Popular models include Domane+ SLR 7, Domane+ SLR 6 Pro and Powerfly 4 Gen 4.

Trek Domane Plus SLR 7Trek Domane Plus SLR 7Trek Domane Plus SLR 6 ProTrek Domane Plus SLR 6 ProTrek Powerfly 4 Gen 4Trek Powerfly 4 Gen 4


Reid Cycles, an Australian bicycle company, offers a wide variety of bicycles including electric bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and commuter bikes. They also provide free shipping, 30-day online test rides, lifetime warranty on frames and forks, and a two-year warranty on parts. Check out some of their popular models like the Sphinx FS electric mountain bike, the E-Trail 2.0 electric mountain bike built for affordability, and the Blacktop 2.0 electric commuter bike!

Reid E-Trail 2.0Reid E-Trail 2.0Reid Sphinx FSReid Sphinx FSReid Blacktop 2.0Reid Blacktop 2.0


Momentum Bikes is an Australian brand known for its commuter, electric, and step-through bicycles designed for comfort and ease of use. They are particularly popular for their wide tires, powerful motors, and compatibility with tow-hook bike racks. Notably, the Lafree E+ model is specifically designed for riders with arthritic knees. Popular models include the VOYA E+ 3 electric bike and VIDA E+ LOW step-through electric bike.

Momentum Voya E Plus 3Momentum Voya E Plus 3Momentum Vida E Plus Low StepMomentum Vida E Plus Low Step

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are the best electric bikes to ride in Australia?
A:"Best" depends on your ride, but for shredding Aussie trails, these e-MTBs rule: Merida eOne-Sixty (handles anything!), Specialized Turbo Levo (classic power!), Giant Trance E+ (climbs like a dream!) are the bikes which i suggest you to ride in Australia.

Q: Which is the best bicycle brand in Australia?
A:There are many great brands, but for a balance of value and performance, consider Reid Cycles. They offer a wide range of bikes with excellent after-sales support.

Q: Which is the best mountain bike in Australia?
A:Top contenders include the Giant Reign E+ 2 (electric) for its power and control, and the Reid Sphinx FS (electric) for affordability and off-road capability. For traditional mountain bikes, explore Trek's Fuel EX series or consider the high-performance offerings from Specialized like the Stumpjumper.

Q: Which is the best gravel bike in Australia?
A:Cannondale's Topstone Neo SL 2 (electric) is a great choice for gravel adventures, while Giant's Revolt E+ offers impressive power and range. For traditional gravel bikes, consider Canyon's Grail series or Liv Cycling's Thrive Advanced GX for women.

Q: Where can I buy a bike in Australia?
A:Many Australian bike brands, like Reid Cycles and Liv Cycling, offer online purchases. Reputable bike shops across the country stock various brands and models. Consider visiting a shop for expert advice and getting a proper bike fitting.

Q: What are the different types of bicycles?
A:Bicycles come in a variety of styles, each suited to specific riding purposes. Road bikes prioritize speed and efficiency, while mountain bikes are built for handling rough terrain. Hybrid bikes offer a comfortable mix for both road and casual riding. Commuter bikes are ideal for urban environments, and electric bikes provide a convenient and powerful option for various uses.

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