Expensive Urban Bikes from Leading Brands in Australia

Discover Urban Adventures with Orbea, Specialized, Bianchi and More

Explore the best premium urban bikes available in Australia, featuring top brands like Orbea, Cannondale, Canyon and more. Prepare to discover bikes that, with modern design and fine craftsmanship, will make riding in the city even more enjoyable. These bikes provide comfort, performance, and durability to fit your urban lifestyle, whether you're riding them to work or exploring the city on the weekends.

Expensive Urban Bikes From Leading Brands In Australia

Top 8 Leading Bike Brands in Australia

1. Orbea
2. Cannondale
3. Bianchi
5. Marin
6. Trek
7. Specialized
8. Canyon


Orbea is a renowned Spanish bicycle manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1930. They offer a diverse range of bicycles catering to road, urban, mountain, kids, triathlon, leisure, and e-bike enthusiasts. Orbea stands out for its innovative "MyO" program, allowing customers to customize paintwork and components. The brand is actively seeking trade dealership opportunities, showcasing a commitment to growth and expansion in the cycling industry.

Orbea Kemen 10Orbea Kemen 10The Orbea Kemen 10 is priced at AUD $8899. It features top-tier components like a Shimano Steps EM600 crankset and a Fox 34 Float AWL 100 RAIL QR15x110 fork. With Shimano XT M8130 Link Glide shifters and Magura MT5 E-STOP Hydraulic Disc brakes, it ensures a smooth ride. Plus, its Orbea Internal 540Wh battery provides ample power, complemented by Alloy, Tubeless wheels and Urban 47-622 tires.
Orbea Kemen Suv 30Orbea Kemen Suv 30In contrast, the Orbea Kemen Suv 30 comes at AUD $7599. It boasts a Marzocchi Bomber Z2 100 QR15x110 E-Bike Optimized fork and Shimano Cues SL-U6000 shifters. It features a Lezyne Ebike POWER STVZO PRO E115 headlamp and Magura AT2 Hydraulic Disc brakes, alongside Alloy, Tubeless wheels and Schwalbe Johnny Watts 29x2.35 tires.


Cannondale is a renowned bicycle brand with a rich heritage in road and mountain biking. Known for innovation, the company has pioneered cycling technology, earning widespread acclaim. Acquired by Pon Holdings in 2021, Cannondale is now part of the world's largest bike company. The brand's bikes are primarily manufactured in Asia, with a focus on quality, durability, and performance across all price points. Cannondale's mountain bikes, in particular, are highly regarded for their aluminum or carbon frames and premium components.

Cannondale Adventure Neo 4Cannondale Adventure Neo 4For those seeking adventure, the Cannondale Adventure Neo 4 impresses at AUD $4499 with its Bosch Active Line motor and Bosch PowerTube 400Wh battery. Equipped with microSHIFT Marvo XPress M859 shifters and Tektro M275 hydraulic disc brakes, it rides on a SmartForm C3 Alloy frame, Cannondale 2 double wall wheels, and Kenda Kwick Seven.5 27.5x2.20" tires.
Cannondale Compact NEOCannondale Compact NEOMeanwhile, the Cannondale Compact NEO offers convenience at AUD $3499 with its TranzX Folding Stem and microSHIFT 39-8R Thumb-Tap shifters. It features a Hyena HMI LED display and Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc brakes, with a Compact Neo SmartForm C2 Alloy frame, Cannondale lightweight alloy wheels, and Kenda K-Rad 20x2.35" tires.


Bianchi is a historic and prestigious bicycle brand with a legacy spanning over 130 years, dating back to 1885 when Edoardo Bianchi founded the company in Milan, Italy. The brand is renowned for its commitment to crafting high-quality products as artisans, emphasizing design, style, and taste. Bianchi's wide range of products caters to both professional and casual riders, offering a variety of bikes for different types of riding.

Bianchi E-Omnia C TypeBianchi E-Omnia C TypeThe Bianchi E-Omnia C Type, priced at AUD $7599, offers a Bosch Performance Line CX motor, a Bosch Powertube 625Wh battery, and a Suntour XCM34-Boost fork. It features a Shimano Nexus 5-speed shifter, Promax DSK-925 brakes, and Velomann E-Sport Tubeless Ready wheels with Vittoria e-Randonneur tires.
Bianchi E-Vertic C-TypeBianchi E-Vertic C-TypeThe Bianchi E-Vertic C-Type, priced at AUD $5549, features a Bosch Performance Line motor, a Bosch Powertube 500Wh battery, and a Suntour NVX30 fork. It includes a Shimano Deore 10-speed shifter, Promax DSK-925 brakes, and EBIKE 650 TR wheels with Continental eContact Plus tires.


SCOTT Sports, established in 1958 in Sun Valley, Idaho, began with aluminum ski poles and later expanded into bicycles, gaining recognition for sponsoring professional cycling teams. The brand's global presence offers high-quality sports equipment, emphasizing innovation and technology across its diverse product range for cyclists, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

SCOTT Sub Active eRide 20 Men BikeSCOTT Sub Active eRide 20 Men BikeThe SCOTT Sub Active eRide 20 Men Bike, priced at AUD $5399, boasts a Bosch Active 400Wh battery, Suntour front suspension, and Shimano 9-speed gearing. It comes equipped with Shimano Disc Brakes, fenders, lights, and a wheel lock for convenience.
SCOTT Sub Active eRide 20 Unisex BikeSCOTT Sub Active eRide 20 Unisex BikeThe SCOTT Sub Active eRide 20 Unisex Bike, also priced at AUD $5399, features a Bosch Active BES2 drivetrain, Suntour front suspension, and Shimano 9-speed gearing. It includes Schwalbe Energizer Active Plus tires, an Axa Compactline 35 headlamp, and an Axa taillamp for visibility.


The Northern California-based bicycle company Marin Bikes has a wide range of highly regarded bicycles, including fitness, mountain, gravel, and children's models. Known for its high-performing and inventive designs, the brand is best known for its Gestalt X dirt bike and Rifty E electric bike. Customers are urged by Marin Bikes to patronize their local dealers, who offer knowledgeable assistance and sales of the brand's merchandise.

Marin 2024 Sausalito E2 Marin 2024 Sausalito E2Priced at AUD $3999, the Marin 2024 Sausalito E2 features a Shimano Steps EP6 motor (250W, 85Nm) and a Shimano BTEN605 battery providing a range of 25-87 miles (40-140km). Equipped with Shimano Deore 11-Speed gears, Shimano MT201 Hydraulic Disc brakes, and Marin Aluminum Double Wall wheels with 650Bx47 tires.
Marin 2023 Sausalito E1Marin 2023 Sausalito E1At AUD $3399, the Marin 2023 Sausalito E1 is powered by a Shimano Steps E5000 motor with a Shimano BT8014 battery offering a range of 22-62 miles (35-100km). It features Shimano Deore 10-Speed gears and Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Disc brakes.


Trek Bikes is a family-run business that promotes family values to all of its clients and staff around the world. Every bike the company produces demonstrates its dedication to quality and innovation while sticking to its core values. The Trek Family spirit is embodied by all employees and riders of Trek bicycles worldwide, who have a sense of familial connection.

Trek Allant Plus 7Trek Allant Plus 7Priced at AUD $6499, the Trek Allant Plus 7 boasts a Bosch Performance CX motor, Bosch PowerTube 500 battery, and Shimano Alivio M3100 9-Speed gears. With SR Suntour Mobie25 suspension and Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc brakes, it promises reliable performance for city cycling.
Trek Allant Plus 7 LowstepTrek Allant Plus 7 LowstepSimilarly priced at AUD $6499, the Trek Allant Plus 7 Lowstep offers the same premium features with a lowstep frame design for easy access. With its Bosch Performance CX motor, Bosch PowerTube 500 battery, and Shimano Alivio M3100 9-Speed gears.


Specialized is a well-known bicycle brand that started in 1974. They make a variety of bikes for different types of riding. From road bikes to mountain bikes, they focus on using new technology to make high-quality bikes. Specialized also sells accessories like helmets and clothes for cyclists. Their bikes have special features that make them popular with riders all over the world.

Specialized Turbo Tero X 6.0Specialized Turbo Tero X 6.0The Specialized Turbo Tero X 6.0, priced at $9200 AUD, is a premium electric mountain bike designed for rugged off-road terrain. With its powerful motor delivering exceptional torque, RockShox suspension for smooth rides, and precise SRAM gearing, it offers unmatched performance and control for adventurous riders.
Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 IGHSpecialized Turbo Como 5.0 IGHPriced at $8900 AUD, the Specialized Turbo Como 5.0 IGH is tailored for urban commuters seeking style and efficiency. Featuring a Gates Carbon Drive belt system for minimal maintenance, integrated lights for safety, and a spring suspension seatpost for added comfort, it provides a smooth and enjoyable ride through city streets.


German bicycle manufacturer Canyon is well-known for producing high-performance bikes in a variety of designs, including road, mountain, gravel, and e-bikes. They concentrate on employing advanced parts and technology to make bikes with excellent performance and ride quality. Canyon sells directly to consumers, which enables them to offer a variety of cycling apparel and accessories at competitive costs, coupled with high-quality products.

Canyon Commuter 9 LtdCanyon Commuter 9 LtdThe Canyon Commuter 9 Ltd, priced at $3899 AUD, offers a lightweight and agile solution for city travel. Its carbon fiber fork ensures a responsive ride, while the Gates CDN Belt and Magura MT brakes provide reliability and control for daily commuting.
Canyon Roadlite CF 9 LtdCanyon Roadlite CF 9 LtdPriced at $5399 AUD, the Canyon Roadlite CF 9 Ltd is a high-performance electric road bike engineered for speed and endurance. With its carbon fiber frame offering lightweight durability, Sram Force 1 drivetrain for seamless shifting, and TRP R803 brakes for reliable stopping power, it's the ultimate choice for road cyclists seeking top-notch performance on long rides.

In conclusion, purchasing a high-end urban bike from brands like Orbea, Cannondale, or Bianchi offers you more than simple transportation; you'll also get to ride around the city streets more smoothly and enjoyably. Select your preferred option and pedal confidently and stylishly towards urban discovery. With these high-end rides that combine creativity and practicality to provide the best possible riding experience, you can upgrade your urban journey right now.

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