Top 5 Most Comfortable Touring Motorcycles in the US – 2024

2024's Comfort Kings: Touring Motorcycles Made for the US Rider

Planning a long-distance adventure? Choosing the right motorcycle is key. This guide spotlights the top 5 touring motorcycles renowned for their comfort, perfect for racking up miles. We've compiled detailed specs, including engine size, gas mileage, and pricing, to help you compare models. High-quality pictures showcase each bike's design, letting you pick the one that turns heads. From leading American manufacturers, these comfort champions are ready to elevate your next road trip.

Most Comfortable Touring Motorcycles In Us

Top 5 Touring Motorcycles in US 2024

Indian Roadmaster Elite$ 41999
Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT$ 33000
Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide ST$ 42999
Indian Pursuit Limited$ 36499
BMW R 18 Transcontinental$ 23995

Explore in-depth reviews and specifications for each of the top 5 touring motorcycles listed above in the detailed section below. From engine performance to comfort features, discover everything you need to know about these top contenders in the 2024 US market

1. Indian Roadmaster Elite

$ 41999
Indian Roadmaster Elite

The Indian Roadmaster Elite is a heavyweight touring motorcycle with a powerful 1890cc engine and all the amenities for long rides. It has a luxurious interior with a heated and cooled seat, a large touchscreen display, and a powerful audio system. Its weight and large size might make it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, but for riders looking for a comfortable and luxurious touring experience, the Roadmaster Elite is a great option.

2. Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT

$ 33000
Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT

The 2024 Honda Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT is a luxurious touring motorcycle loaded with features for comfort and convenience. Its powerful 1,833cc engine and automatic DCT transmission make for effortless cruising, while the full-coverage fairing and electronically adjustable windscreen offer excellent wind protection. The rider and passenger will enjoy all-day comfort with the plush seats, ample legroom, and large top trunk for storage. Safety features like anti-lock brakes, airbags, and multiple riding modes provide peace of mind on the road.

3. Harley Davidson 2024 CVO Road Glide ST

$ 42999
Harley Davidson 2024 CVO Road Glide ST

The 2024 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide ST is a powerful touring motorcycle with a 1977cc Milwaukee-Eight 121 High Output engine that produces 128 PS of power and 197 Nm of torque. It comes with a large 12.3-inch TFT display, a Rockford Fosgate sound system, and a full suite of safety features including ABS, traction control, and cornering-enhanced braking. With a weight of 380 kg and a fuel tank capacity of 22.7 liters, it is designed for long-distance rides.

4. Indian Pursuit Limited

$ 36499
Indian Pursuit Limited 640

The Indian Pursuit Limited is a touring motorcycle with a powerful engine (122 HP, 128 lb-ft torque), comfortable seating, and a large capacity for storage (36+ gallons). It also comes with many features for rider comfort and safety, such as a heated seat, adjustable windscreen, and cruise control. This bike is a good option for riders who are looking for a comfortable and capable touring motorcycle.

5. BMW R 18 Transcontinental

$ 23995
BMW R 18 Transcontinental

The BMW R 18 Transcontinental is a powerful touring motorcycle with a massive 1,802cc air/oil-cooled engine that produces 91 horsepower and 157.2 Nm of torque. It's loaded with features for long-distance comfort, including a comfortable seat, a large fairing with wind protection, and a built-in sound system. With a weight of 427 kg (941 lbs), it's not the most nimble bike, but it has a comfortable riding position and a long wheelbase for stability on the highway. Other highlights include a 6-speed transmission, shaft drive, ABS brakes, and cast aluminum wheels.

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