Betty Hasse and Artem Shmidt Dominates Under-23 Time Trials at USA Cycling Nationals

U23 Champions Shine on New Charleston Course at USA Cycling Pro Road Championships

Betty Hasse and Artem Shmidt emerged triumphant in the Under-23 category at the USA Cycling Pro Road National Championships, held in Charleston, West Virginia. This year marked a notable shift as U23 men's and women's races were integrated into the main championship for the first time, adding to the excitement of the competition.

Hasse And Shmidt Wins U-23 Time Trials At Usa Cycling Nationals

Hasse Secures Second Title

Betty Hasse, representing CCB p/b Levine Law Group, reaffirmed her dominance in the U23 women's individual time trial, clinching her second career victory in the event. With a stellar performance, she navigated the 20.9-mile course with precision, crossing the finish line in 45:38. Hasse's impeccable timing and unwavering determination propelled her to the top of the podium once again, showcasing her prowess as a rising star in American cycling.

Top 5 Results - Women’s U23 Time Trial

1Betty HasseCCB p/b Levine Law Group45:38
2Chloe PatrickCynisca Cycling+2:13
3Ella BrennemanCCB p/b Levine Law Group+2:22
4Nicole SteinmetzCynisca Cycling+2:33
5Cassidy HickeyCCB p/b Levine Law Group+3:20

Shmidt's Stellar Debut

Meanwhile, Artem Shmidt of Hagens Berman Jayco made a resounding statement with his inaugural U23 national title in the individual time trial. Displaying remarkable skill and composure, the 20-year-old Georgia native blazed through the challenging course in 38:52, leaving his competitors in awe of his talent and potential. Shmidt's victory serves as a testament to his dedication and hard work, setting the stage for a promising future in the sport.

Top 5 Results - Men’s U23 Time Trial

1Artem ShmidtHagens Berman Jayco38:52
2Troy FieldsTeam California p/b Verge+1:00
3Owen ColeUAE Team Emirates Gen Z+1:00
4Colby SimmonsVisma-Lease a Bike U23+1:07
5Luke ArensAevolo+1:20

Thrilling Battles and Close Finishes

The competition was fierce as riders vied for podium positions, with Troy Fields narrowly clinching silver in the men's category, followed closely by Owen Cole, both finishing just a fraction of a second behind. In the women's division, Chloe Patrick and Ella Brenneman showcased their formidable abilities, claiming silver and bronze respectively, in a closely contested race that kept spectators on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Impressive Performances Across the Board

Colby Simmons and Luke Arens also delivered commendable performances, securing fourth and fifth positions respectively in the men's competition, while Nicole Steinmetz and Cassidy Hickey displayed their strength and skill with fourth and fifth place finishes in the women's event. The athletes' dedication and determination were evident throughout the race, underscoring the depth of talent within the U23 ranks of American cycling.

Looking Ahead

As the dust settles on an electrifying championship, all eyes now turn towards the future, where these young champions will continue to push the boundaries of excellence and inspire the next generation of cyclists. With their sights set on new challenges and triumphs, Betty Hasse, Artem Shmidt, and their fellow competitors serve as shining examples of the relentless pursuit of greatness in the world of cycling.

Last updated on 16-05-2024. Published in US Bike News
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