Pinarello Unveils Lighter and Faster Dogma F

New Carbon Fiber Innovation Reduces Weight by 108g

Pinarello has officially introduced the latest version of its Dogma F, a race bike that's been in action with the Ineos Grenadiers team for the past few months. With a focus on reducing weight and improving aerodynamics, the new Dogma F incorporates advanced carbon fiber technology to deliver enhanced performance.

Pinarello Unveils Lighter And Faster Dogma F

Pinarello Dogma F Dura Ace DI2Pinarello Dogma F Dura Ace DI2The Pinarello Dogma F Dura Ace Di2 is a high-performance bicycle made with TorayCa M40X carbon fiber, featuring advanced aerodynamics with a new Aero-Keel bottom bracket and eTICR Onda Fork. It includes the MOST Talon Ultra Fast handlebar, integrated seat post clamp, and Shimano Dura Ace Di2 components. Available in striking colors like Luxter Blue and Ineos Replica, it weighs just 6.77 kg, making it both lightweight and efficient for competitive cycling.
Pinarello Dogma F SRAM Red ETAP AXSPinarello Dogma F SRAM Red ETAP AXSThe Pinarello Dogma F SRAM Red ETAP AXS features a TorayCa M40X carbon frame and a new Aero-Keel bottom bracket. It is equipped with the advanced SRAM Red ETAP AXS 12-speed groupset, NEW eTICR Onda Fork with ForkFlap™, and MOST Talon Ultra Fast handlebar. The bike includes a Pinarello Aero seatpost with a 3D-printed titanium clamp and is available in striking colors like Luxter Blue and Aurik Yellow. Weighing just 6.63 kg.
Pinarello Dogma F Super Record WRLPinarello Dogma F Super Record WRLThe Pinarello Dogma F Super Record WRL is built for high performance, featuring a TorayCa M40X carbon frame with a new Aero-Keel bottom bracket and NEW eTICR Onda Fork with ForkFlap™. It is equipped with the Campagnolo Super Record WRL 12-speed groupset and MOST Talon Ultra Light handlebar. Available in colors like Luxter Blue and Aurik Yellow, the bike also includes a Pinarello Aero seatpost with a 3D-printed titanium clamp. Weighing 6.88 kg.

Lighter and Faster

The updated Dogma F drops 108 grams from its weight thanks to the use of Torayca M40X carbon fiber, a material known for its high tensile modulus. This makes the bike stiffer and allows for less material to be used without compromising on strength. As a result, the fully built 53cm Dogma F weighs just 6.63 kg.

Pinarello New Dogma F Frameset

Improved Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic efficiency was another key area of improvement for the Dogma F. The bike's CdA (coefficient of drag) has been reduced by 0.2%, a small but significant gain achieved through design changes. The head tube and bottom bracket junctions now feature extended surface areas, and the front of the bike has been made narrower. An elliptical steerer allows for better cable routing, reducing the bike's frontal profile.

Disc Brake Only

The new Dogma F is exclusively available with disc brakes, though the older rim brake model remains on the market. This change reflects the increasing preference for disc brakes among professional cyclists due to their superior stopping power and performance in various weather conditions.

Pinarello New Dogma F

Detailed Design Enhancements

Pinarello has also made several detailed design enhancements to the Dogma F. The new Talon Ultra Fast cockpit, created by Pinarello's in-house brand Most, is 40g lighter than before and offers improved aerodynamics with narrower handlebars. The thru-axle threads are now integrated into the fork and rear dropout for a smoother finish, and the seat post clamp is fully integrated into the seat tube for a cleaner look.

Pro-Level Performance Data

Insights from professional riders like Geraint Thomas have influenced the Dogma F's development. Pinarello's R&D team analyzed data on energy expenditure and performance during races to optimize the bike's design for weight, aerodynamics, rolling resistance, and comfort. This pro-derived data ensures that the Dogma F meets the high standards required for top-level competition.

Pinarello New Dogma F features and price

Availability and Pricing

The new Dogma F is available in seven different builds, including options with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, SRAM Red AXS, and Campagnolo Super Record WRL groupsets. Prices for complete builds start from £12,600 / €14,500 / $14,500, while the disc frameset alone costs £5,500 / €6,700 / $6,950. Customers can choose from six color options and 11 sizes.


With its new carbon fiber construction and aerodynamic refinements, the Pinarello Dogma F sets a new benchmark for high-performance race bikes. Whether for professional racers or serious enthusiasts, the latest Dogma F promises a combination of reduced weight and improved speed that will be hard to beat.

Last updated on 21-06-2024. Published in US Bike News
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