Shimano Unveils 2x12-Speed GRX Di2 for Gravel Enthusiasts

Discover Shimano's Latest 2x12-Speed GRX Di2 with Advanced Electronic Shifting and Optimized Gravel Gearing

Shimano, continues to push boundaries with the introduction of their latest 2x12-speed GRX Di2 components. Designed specifically for gravel enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance and reliability, these electronic shifting systems offer a seamless riding experience on any terrain.

Shimano Unveils 2x12 Speed Grx Di2

Enhanced Di2 Platform

With a focus on speed and precision, Shimano's redesigned Di2 system boasts lightning-fast shifting capabilities and a wireless cockpit design for optimal performance and unwavering dependability. Riders can expect smooth gear transitions and effortless control, allowing them to stay fully immersed in their gravel adventures.

Advanced Gravel Drivetrain

Equipped with optimized 12-speed gearing and Shimano's renowned HYPERGLIDE+ technology, the GRX Di2 delivers unmatched efficiency and seamless shifting in any situation. Whether tackling rugged trails or embarking on all-day excursions, cyclists can rely on the reliability and versatility of these components to enhance their riding experience.

St Rx825 Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever

Refined Interface and Ergonomics

Comfort meets functionality with the GRX Di2's ergonomic design, offering riders the perfect balance of comfort and control. The clean cockpit layout and customizable features ensure a personalized fit, allowing cyclists to focus on the journey ahead without distractions.

Electrified Gearing Options

Shimano's latest gravel components introduce an electronic shifting option to the 2x12 GRX group, providing riders with a wide range of gearing choices to suit their preferences. From the versatile RX820 crankset to the adaptable cassette options, cyclists can tailor their setup for optimal performance on any gravel terrain.

Grx Rx825 Di2 Compatible Gearing Options

Unrivaled Electronic Shifting

Like its predecessors in the Di2 lineup, the GRX Di2 system prioritizes precision and reliability. With a centralized battery supply and smaller diameter wires, the system offers stable power distribution and streamlined connectivity, ensuring consistent performance in all conditions.

Wireless Cockpit Design

Featuring a wireless gravel-specific cockpit, the GRX Di2 offers enhanced hand security and control, even during the most challenging rides. The raised hoods and anti-slip brake levers provide a secure grip, while the addition of a third Di2 button offers increased functionality and convenience.

Shimano Di2 Wireless Cockpit

Flared For Gravel

The dual control levers are optimized for integration with flared handlebars, providing a seamless transition from bar to hood and minimizing pressure points for added comfort during long rides.

Fd Rx825 Front Derailleur

Innovative Rear Derailleur Technology

Shimano's Shadow RD+ technology ensures smooth and precise shifting, with the option to toggle between additional tension settings for a quieter ride. The rear derailleur serves as the communication hub of the drivetrain, facilitating wireless connectivity with shift levers and compatible devices.

Rd Rx825 Rear Derailleur

Front Shift Next Functionality

With the introduction of FRONT SHIFT NEXT firmware, riders can enjoy simplified front derailleur shifting and intuitive gear changes. Compatible with all 12-speed Di2 groups, this feature offers greater flexibility and ease of use for cyclists of all skill levels.

Accessory Di2 Shift Switches

E-TUBE PROJECT Customization

Through Shimano's E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app, riders can customize shift intervals, button assignments, and automatic shift modes to suit their individual preferences. This user-friendly interface allows for seamless integration and fine-tuning of the Di2 system.

E Tube Project Customization


With the unveiling of the new 2x12-speed GRX Di2 components, Shimano continues to lead the way in gravel cycling innovation. From advanced electronic shifting technology to customizable gearing options, these components offer unmatched performance and versatility for gravel enthusiasts worldwide. Get ready to elevate your gravel riding experience with Shimano's latest breakthroughs in cycling technology.

Last updated on 24-05-2024. Published in US Bike News
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