SRAM Launches Effortless Performance with New Red AXS Groupset

SRAM Redefines Performance with Lighter, Effortless-Shifting Red AXS

SRAM has unveiled its highly anticipated Red AXS groupset, designed to deliver effortless performance for cyclists of all levels. This next-generation electronic drivetrain boasts significant improvements in weight, comfort, shifting speed, and connectivity.

Sram Red Axs Groupset

Next-Gen Engineering: Lighter Components, Smoother Shifting

SRAM's RED AXS groupset redefines effortless performance with a trifecta of advancements. The lightest electronic drivetrain on the market (a staggering 153 grams lighter than its predecessor!), RED AXS boasts meticulously engineered components for weight reduction across the board, from the controls to the crankset and derailleurs. Riders will experience this lightness paired with smooth, hesitation-free gear changes thanks to a refined front derailleur. Additionally, redesigned controls with improved ergonomics offer comfortable hand placement and powerful, one-finger braking from the hoods, making every ride effortless.

Customized Comfort and Control

Beyond effortless performance on the road, the RED AXS groupset prioritizes control and customization for every rider. The all-new hood shape offers maximum control and a comfortable grip, regardless of hand size. Riders can further personalize their experience with Reach Adjust for brake lever positioning and Contact Point Adjust for fine-tuning lever throw. Additionally, integrated Bonus Buttons provide programmable options for shifting or controlling functions on compatible bike computers, putting even more control at your fingertips.

Sram Red Axs Groupset 1

Effortless Connectivity and Customization

The RED AXS groupset seamlessly integrates with ANT+ bike computers, allowing you to record gearing data, monitor battery life, and more (including the new Hammerhead Karoo). Riders can further personalize their experience by directly programming shifters and Bonus Buttons from compatible computers. This level of connectivity and control puts valuable information and customization options at your fingertips.

A Complete Ecosystem

SRAM goes beyond the groupset, introducing a complementary ecosystem of products designed to work flawlessly with RED AXS. The Hammerhead Karoo bike computer offers effortless setup and advanced data analysis specifically tailored for RED AXS. Zipp SL-80 Race handlebars provide a clean and comfortable integration point for the shifters, while Goodyear Vector R NSW and SW tires, optimized for Zipp's rims, offer exceptional performance and complete the RED AXS experience. Ultimately, the SRAM RED AXS groupset represents a significant leap forward in cycling technology, delivering an effortless riding experience for discerning cyclists seeking peak performance and comfort.

Pricing and Availability

The SRAM Red AXS groupset starts at $2,850 - $3,000. The groupset is now available and will be featured on select high-end bikes. Here are some high-performance bike models that come outfitted with SRAM Red AXS groupsets:

SpecializedS-Works Aethos, Aethos LTD, Roubaix LTD, Roubaix SL8, Tarmac LTD, Tarmac SL8
CanyonAeroad CFR AXS, Endurace CFR AXS, Ultimate CFR AXS
BMCRoadmachine 01 ONE, Speedmachine 01 ONE, Teammachine R 01 ONE
CannondaleSupersix Evo Lab71
MegamoPulse Elite 00 AXS, Raise 00 AXS
RoseXLITE 06 Red AXS
AlliedAlfa, Echo
Chapter2KOKO, TOA
MMRAdrenaline SL 00 Plus
VentumNS1, One

Last updated on 17-05-2024. Published in US Bike News
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