Husqvarna Reimagines the TC 85 for 2025

2025 TC 85s Get Sharper Handling, More Power, and Better Rider Fit

Husqvarna Motorcycles is proud to announce the next generation of its championship-winning TC 85 motocross machines for the 2025 season. Building on the success of the previous model, the new TC 85 lineup features two options – the TC 85 17/14 2025 and the TC 85 19/16 2025. Both models boast a completely redesigned chassis, improved engine performance, and a host of technical upgrades designed to elevate the riding experience for young motocross athletes.

Husqvarna Tc 85 19 16 2025

Enhanced Handling and Control

The centerpiece of the new TC 85s is their all-new chassis, featuring revised geometry for significantly improved handling and stability. Inspired by Husqvarna's full-size motocross bikes, the chassis incorporates a new WP XACT shock mounted on the upper frame tube for a more planted feel on rough tracks and big jumps. Additionally, a half-degree reduction in steering head angle and a repositioning closer to the chassis center enhance cornering precision, particularly when exiting turns.

Husqvarna Tc 85 19 16 2025

Stronger Power Delivery

The 85cc two-stroke engine receives a performance boost for 2025, focusing on increased low-to-mid-range power without sacrificing top-end performance. This is achieved through a combination of a new cylinder head, spark plug, ignition system, and exhaust. The Keihin carburetor is also meticulously tuned to complement the engine's improved power characteristics. To further enhance handling and jumping capabilities, the engine is tilted upwards three degrees at the front, resulting in a more effective weight distribution.

Husqvarna Tc 85 19 16 2025

Lightweight Agility

A completely new swingarm, constructed using a refined casting process, sheds 300 grams compared to the previous model. This weight reduction, coupled with the new frame and WP XACT shock, contributes to a lower overall seat height. This, along with the redesigned ergonomic bodywork, allows young riders to maneuver the bike with greater ease, boosting confidence and enabling them to push their limits with improved control. A modernized rider triangle formed by new handlebars, footrests, and a lower seat further enhances comfort and control.

Husqvarna Tc 85 17 14 2025

Key Technical Features

- Revised engine for significant low-to-mid-range power boost
- New frame with improved handling and stability
- Lightweight swingarm for enhanced agility
- Shorter travel WP XACT shock for optimized balance
- Ergonomic bodywork designed for young riders
- Modern graphics replicating full-size models
- Easily adjustable WP XACT forks
- MAXXIS MAXXCROSS MX-ST tires for exceptional traction
- Two engine maps for adaptable performance
- Formula brakes and Galfer discs for superior stopping power
- Miba hydraulic clutch system for consistent performance
- High-grip seat cover for maximum comfort and control
- Black Excel rims and CNC-machined hubs for durability

With its focus on improved handling, performance, and rider comfort, the next-generation TC 85 and TC 85 Big Wheel are poised to dominate the youth motocross scene in 2025.

Last updated on 03-07-2024. Published in US Motorcycle News
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