2025 Suzuki Motorcycle Lineup: Detailed Overview of Sportbikes, DualSport, Cruisers, Motocross, and Offroad Models

Explore Suzuki's Latest Sportbikes, DualSport Bikes, Boulevard Cruisers, Motocross Machines, and Offroad Motorcycles with Key Features, Specs, and Prices

Suzuki's 2025 lineup offers a range of options for every rider. Explore high-performance GSX-R sportbikes, comfortable Boulevard cruisers, versatile DR-series dual-sports, championship-winning RM-Z motocross machines, and beginner-friendly DR-Z off-road bikes. This guide provides key features, specifications, and pricing to help you find your perfect Suzuki!

2025 Suzuki Motorcycle Lineup


Suzuki's iconic GSX-R series returns with a focus on performance and precise handling. The GSX-R1000R and GSX-R1000 boast powerful engines, lightweight chassis, and advanced electronic rider aids. The GSX-R750 and GSX-R600 models offer a thrilling blend of power and agility, perfect for both street and track riders.

Suzuki 2025 GSX-R1000RSuzuki 2025 GSX-R1000RPriced at $18,649, the GSX-R1000R boasts a 999.8cc engine with 199 horsepower, Suzuki Racing Variable Valve Timing System, advanced electronic rider aids, and Showa suspension, making it a top choice for serious track enthusiasts.
Suzuki 2025 GSX-R1000Suzuki 2025 GSX-R1000At $16,499, the GSX-R1000 shares the same powerful 999.8cc engine and 199 horsepower as the R model, featuring advanced rider aids and Showa suspension, ideal for high-performance street and track riding.
Suzuki 2025 GSX-R750Suzuki 2025 GSX-R750The GSX-R750, priced at $13,149, features a 750cc engine producing 148 horsepower, combining the agility of a smaller bike with the power of a larger sportbike, perfect for versatile performance.
Suzuki 2025 GSX-R750ZSuzuki 2025 GSX-R750ZThe GSX-R750Z, priced at $13,149, featuring a 750cc 4-cylinder engine with fuel injection, Brembo front brakes, and Nissin rear brakes. It boasts inverted telescopic front suspension, a link-type rear suspension, and LED tail lamps. With a sleek design and a weight of 190 kg, it offers sporty handling and a comfortable ride experience.
Suzuki 2025 GSX-R1000RZSuzuki 2025 GSX-R1000RZThe GSX-R1000RZ packs a punch with its 999.80cc 4-cylinder engine and advanced features like Ride-by-Wire throttle and SCAS-equipped clutch. It boasts Brembo Monobloc front brakes with ABS, LED lighting, and inverted telescopic suspension for smooth handling. Weighing 202 kg and priced at $18,649.
Suzuki 2025 GSX-R600Z Suzuki 2025 GSX-R600ZThe $11,599 GSX-R600Z comes with a 599cc engine delivering 124 horsepower, advanced suspension, and rider aids, offering a balanced mix of power and handling for both track and street use.
Suzuki 2025 GSX-R600Suzuki 2025 GSX-R600At $11,399, the GSX-R600 features a 599cc engine with 124 horsepower, advanced suspension, and electronic aids, making it an excellent entry-level sportbike with high-performance capabilities.

2025 Suzuki GSX R1000R


The DR650S continues its legacy as a versatile and reliable dual-sport motorcycle. It's equipped with a dependable engine, a robust frame, and a comfortable riding position, making it ideal for exploring both paved and unpaved roads.

Suzuki 2025 DR650SSuzuki 2025 DR650SPriced at $6,999, the DR650S is equipped with a 644cc air-cooled engine, capable suspension, and durable off-road tires, making it a reliable choice for both on-road and off-road adventures.

2025 Suzuki DR650S

Boulevard Cruisers

The Boulevard cruiser line-up caters to riders seeking style and comfort. The muscular M109R offers impressive performance, while the C50T Special and C50 models provide a comfortable touring experience with their spacious seating and extensive features.

Suzuki 2025 Boulevard M109RSuzuki 2025 Boulevard M109RThe Boulevard M109R, at $15,999, features a 1783cc V-twin engine, producing exceptional torque and power, with a sleek cruiser design and advanced braking system for an exhilarating ride.
2025 Boulevard C50T Special2025 Boulevard C50T SpecialPriced at $9,599, the Boulevard C50T Special has an 805cc V-twin engine, classic cruiser styling, and comfortable touring features, perfect for long-distance rides with a passenger.
Suzuki 2025 Boulevard C50Suzuki 2025 Boulevard C50At $8,609, the Boulevard C50 offers an 805cc V-twin engine, classic cruiser look, and comfortable ride, making it an excellent choice for leisurely cruising and everyday riding.

2025 Suzuki Boulevard M109R


Suzuki's championship-winning RM-Z motocross bikes are renowned for their exceptional handling and power. The 2025 RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 come equipped with advanced suspension systems, tunable fuel injection, and rider aids like Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control for enhanced performance on the track.

Suzuki 2025 RM-Z450Suzuki 2025 RM-Z450The RM-Z450, priced at $8,999, is powered by a 449cc liquid-cooled engine, with advanced suspension and electronic fuel injection, providing top-tier performance for competitive motocross racing.
Suzuki 2025 RM-Z250Suzuki 2025 RM-Z250At $7,899, the RM-Z250 features a 249cc engine, advanced suspension, and fuel injection, offering a competitive edge and agile handling for motocross enthusiasts.

2025 Suzuki RM Z250


The DR-Z125L is ideal for young riders looking to develop their off-road skills. It features a manual clutch, a five-speed transmission, and a comfortable seat height. The DR-Z50 is a perfect starter bike for even younger riders, thanks to its automatic clutch, three-speed transmission, and adjustable power output.

Suzuki 2025 DR-Z125LSuzuki 2025 DR-Z125LPriced at $3,499, the DR-Z125L comes with a 124cc air-cooled engine, robust off-road suspension, and lightweight frame, perfect for beginner and intermediate off-road riders.
Suzuki 2025 DR-Z50Suzuki 2025 DR-Z50The $2,299 DR-Z50 features a 49cc engine, automatic clutch, and compact design, making it an ideal starter bike for young riders learning the basics of off-road riding.

2025 Suzuki DR-Z125L


Suzuki’s 2025 lineup reflects their commitment to innovation, performance, and rider satisfaction across diverse motorcycle categories. Whether it’s the adrenaline-pumping GSX-R sportbikes, versatile DR650S dualsport, championship-proven RM-Z motocrossers, or the stylish Boulevard cruisers, Suzuki continues to set benchmarks in the motorcycle industry with each new model year.

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