Beta Unveils 2025 RX and RR X-Pro Dirt Bike Lineup

From MX Power to Enduro Domination - Beta's New Dirt Bikes Cater to Every Rider's Needs

Beta Motorcycles has revved up the excitement for off-road enthusiasts with the official release of their 2025 dirt bike lineup. The new year brings significant upgrades to both the competition-oriented RX motocross range and the versatile RR X-Pro enduro series.

Beta 2025 300 Rx

RX Motocross: Enhanced Power and Agility

Beta's motocross offering receives a major update for 2025 with the refined 300 RX. This two-stroke machine, known for its "Rideability" philosophy that prioritizes rider comfort and control, gets a significant boost in performance with a new frame inspired by the larger 450 RX.

The revamped 300 RX boasts a range of improvements, including:

- A robust frame modeled after the 450 RX for enhanced handling
- Upgraded engine featuring revised cylinder porting, new ignition timing, and an updated expansion chamber for increased power
- Improved cooling system with narrower radiators for better maneuverability
- Enhanced suspension with a larger rear shock for improved performance under extreme conditions
- Rider-centric features like XTrig FlexFix handlebar mounts for reduced vibration and a smaller fuel tank for better weight distribution

Beta 2025 300 Rx

The 450 RX, Beta's premier four-stroke motocross weapon, also gets an upgrade for 2025. This update focuses on sharpening overall performance with a reinforced rear subframe, revised suspension valving, and a lightweight lithium battery for quicker starts. Additionally, the 450 RX gains a larger rear axle for improved durability and a wider range of power delivery options with a MAP switch and adjustable traction control.

RR X-Pro Enduro: A New Breed of Off-Road Domination

Beta completely revamps its RR enduro line for 2025, introducing the all-new RR X-Pro series. Designed to conquer the toughest trails, the RR X-Pro comes in both two-stroke and four-stroke variants, ranging from 125cc to 480cc.

The RR X-Pro boasts a rider-focused design with a key feature being a 20mm lower seat height for improved maneuverability and control. This innovative enduro machine also features:

- A brand new single-spring front fork for simplified adjustments
- Elastomeric handlebar mounts to reduce vibration and rider fatigue
- A larger rear master cylinder for improved braking performance
- A convenient coolant overflow reservoir
- A rescue strap on the front fender for easy retrieval in challenging situations

Beta 2025 300 Rx

The four-stroke RR X-Pro models (350cc-480cc) cater to riders of all skill levels. The 350 RR X-Pro is perfect for beginners with its manageable power and high-revving nature. As engine size increases, so does power and torque, with the 480 RR X-Pro ideal for experienced riders seeking maximum off-road dominance.

Packed with rider-friendly features like a light pull diaphragm clutch, easy-access airbox, and an informative meter package, the 2025 RR X-Pro series is poised to be a game-changer for enduro enthusiasts.

Availability and Pricing

Beta's 2025 dirt bike range is expected to arrive at dealerships in August 2024. The 300 RX starts at $9,499, while the 450 RX comes in at $10,999. The RR X-Pro models range from $8,599 for the 125cc 2-stroke to $10,599 for the 480cc 4-stroke.

With a focus on enhanced performance, rider comfort, and innovative features, Beta's 2025 dirt bike lineup promises an exhilarating ride for both motocross and enduro riders.

Last updated on 25-06-2024. Published in US Motorcycle News
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