BMW Motorrad Unveils Innovative Automated Shift Assist System. See How it Runs

Find out the Seamless Integration of Automated Clutch Control and Gear Shifting in the New ASA System

BMW Motorrad has launched its advanced Automated Shift Assist (ASA) system in an effort to streamline and improve the motorcycle riding experience. By streamlining clutch control and gear changes, this new invention seeks to provide riders with unmatched comfort and convenience without losing the excitement of manual riding.

Bmw Automated Shift Assist System

Automated Shift Assist System:

At the core of BMW's ASA system lie two electromechanical actuators, meticulously engineered to automate clutch and gear changes within the conventional six-speed transmission. By seamlessly integrating these actuators, BMW eliminates the need for manual clutch manipulation, allowing riders to focus solely on the exhilarating journey ahead.

Riding Experience Enhancement:

The ASA system elevates the riding experience by providing lightning-fast, rev speed- and load-based gear changes. With no manual clutch lever to contend with, riders can effortlessly navigate various riding scenarios, from urban commutes to spirited mountain rides. This intuitive system fosters a direct connection between the rider and the powerful boxer engine, enhancing control and responsiveness on the road.

Bmw New Shift Modes

Shift Modes:

Offering versatility and customization, BMW's ASA system features two distinct shift modes: 'M' for manual shifting and 'D' for automated gear changes. In manual mode, riders retain full control over gear shifts, while automatic mode delivers seamless transitions tailored to the rider's preferences and riding conditions.

Smooth Operation:

One of the standout features of the ASA system is its ability to execute smooth and precise gear changes, minimizing disruption to the suspension and ensuring optimal riding comfort. Adaptive cruise control and front collision warning further enhance safety and convenience, making long-distance journeys more relaxing and enjoyable.

Automated Shift Assist System In Bmw

Technical Insights:

The ASA system utilizes advanced electromechanical actuators for clutch operation and gear shifting, coupled with intelligent electronic control. By closely monitoring factors such as rev speed and clutch position, the system delivers optimized performance and efficiency in all riding scenarios.

Bmw Motorrad Unveils Automated Shift Assist System

The Automated Shift Assist system from BMW Motorrad changes how motorbike riders interact with their motorcycles and marks a significant advancement in motorcycle technology. The ASA system improves the expectation for performance and convenience on the road with its smooth integration, simple operation, and improved riding dynamics. Discover the motorcycling of the future with BMW's innovative technology.

Last updated on 07-05-2024. Published in US Motorcycle News
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