Is the Kove 450 Rally Street Legal the Best Adventure Bike for the US?

Can the Kove 450 Rally Street Legal Motorcycle Rule US Roads at $9,299?

The Kove 450 Rally Street Legal, a rally motorcycle approved for all 50 states and priced at $9,299, is set to hit the US market. Built by Chinese manufacturer Kove, this bike brings racing performance to everyday roads. Here's a closer look at what makes this bike special.

Kove 450 Rally Street Legal In Us

From Racing Roots to Road Ready

Kove made its debut at EICMA 2022, quickly showing its focus on performance. The company first competed in the Dakar Rally with the 450 Rally and later entered road racing in WSBK’s SSP300 series. The Kove 450 Rally Street Legal is a product of this racing heritage, designed to offer high performance on both trails and pavement.

Performance and Features

The Kove 450 Rally Street Legal is powered by a 449cc DOHC engine, equipped with dual radiators, fans, and an external oil cooler for better performance and longer service intervals. The fuel injection system, managed by a Bosch ECU, draws from three separate fuel tanks, allowing up to 300 miles of combined range. This bike is built on a steel semi-perimeter frame, designed to reduce weight and improve handling. It features 49-millimeter forks and a rear monoshock with 12 inches of suspension travel, providing a smooth ride on rough terrains.

Kove 450 Rally Street Legal 2024

User-Friendly Innovations

One of the standout features of the Kove 450 Rally Street Legal is its switchable ABS, which remembers your last setting even after turning off the bike. Additionally, it includes an integrated navigation tower and high-intensity LED lights for nighttime adventures.

Caution for New Brands

While the Kove 450 Rally Street Legal offers impressive specs and features, it’s important to approach new brands with some caution. These bikes are relatively new to the market and still need to prove their durability and reliability over time.


The Kove 450 Rally Street Legal is an exciting addition to the motorcycle market, offering a street-legal rally bike with strong performance features at an attractive price of $9,299. As Chinese brands continue to improve, this bike shows that they are becoming serious contenders in the global market. For now, the Kove 450 Rally Street Legal is worth considering for those looking for an off-road adventure bike that can also handle everyday roads.

Last updated on 26-06-2024. Published in US Motorcycle News
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