KTM Returns to Supersport Glory: 2025 KTM 990 RC R Ready to Unleash

Street-Legal Weapon with Racing DNA - Prototype Ignites Anticipation for 2025 Launch

Calling all adrenaline junkies and track day enthusiasts! KTM is back in the street-legal supersport game with the highly anticipated 2025 KTM 990 RC R. This isn't just a motorcycle; it's a culmination of championship-winning MotoGP DNA fused with Austrian engineering excellence.

2025 KTM 990 RC R

A 15-Year Wait Ends

After over a decade, KTM is finally giving riders what they've been craving: a powerful, street-legal performance bike. The 990 RC R embodies KTM's rich racing heritage, drawing inspiration from countless victories and podium finishes. This translates into a machine built to dominate the track while remaining comfortable and practical for everyday riding.

A Sneak Peek at a Champion

Get ready for a sneak peek! In early 2024, KTM will unleash a prototype KTM 990 RC R as a wildcard entry in European Supersport races. This will showcase the bike's potential and ignite anticipation for the production model. KTM is even capturing this development journey in a multi-part documentary, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous process of crafting a champion.

2025 KTM 990 RC R

Uncompromising Performance & Precision Handling

The 990 RC R isn't your average motorcycle. It's the embodiment of KTM's READY TO RACE philosophy. Years of experience and championship data are poured into this machine, making it the natural evolution of the KTM RC lineage.

The street-legal 990 RC R boasts a powerful, EURO5+ compliant LC8c engine delivering 128 PS horsepower and 103 Nm of torque. A condensed stainless steel muffler and a reversible shifter for race-style shifting further emphasize the track capabilities. The steel frame with a dedicated steering head angle ensures sharp responsiveness and stability, while adjustable suspension and lightweight wheels wrapped in Michelin tires guarantee precise handling and a comfortable ride.

2025 KTM 990 RC R

MotoGP Inspiration

The 990 RC R's wind-tunnel-developed aero wings and race-ready bodywork leave no doubt about the bike's heritage. The easily convertible KTM 990 RC R TRACK edition with its performance-oriented upgrades further solidifies the bike's racing pedigree.

Coming Soon: Unleash Your Inner Racer

The KTM 990 RC R represents the perfect marriage of exhilarating performance and everyday practicality. With its ease of maintenance, extensive dealer support, and undeniable racing heritage, this is a motorcycle built for riders who crave the ultimate street-legal track weapon. While the official launch is set for 2025, the prototype is generating excitement and the wait promises to be worth it.

Last updated on 08-05-2024. Published in US Motorcycle News
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