Used Airborne Night Goblin 29” for sale in White Rock, NM. ID 100714

Airborne Night Goblin 29”
Model : Airborne Night Goblin 29”
Buy Year : 2021 Model
Location : White Rock, NM, United States


Excellent, full specs can be found on this website or airborne bicycles… the frame is large (for a rider 5’9” to 6’1”). Carbon frame, hard tail, lists for $2500 US, purchased for $2300. Never used off road.

Reason For Sale: Barely rode, basically brand new, too busy with kids activities, life, etc.

No of Owners Single Owner
Colour Black
Date of Posting 01-04-2023

Photos : 2 Pictures Available

Black Airborne Night Goblin 29”
Black Airborne Night Goblin 29”
Black Airborne Night Goblin 29”


Important: Never pay the Seller before seeing and verifying the bike and all associated documents.

Asking Price: 1500

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Name : Benjamin
Seller Type : Individual

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