Used Ariel Rider D-Class for sale in Long Branch. ID 100473

Model : Ariel Rider D-Class
Buy Year : 2021 Model
Location : Long Branch, United States


ONLY 200 Miles Use

This Awesome Bike is Practically Brand-New. It was used as an alternate means of Transportation for a Short-Time.

It is a Pleasure to Ride and to Own. Fun, Freedom, and $0 in Gas.

Toggle Between Front-Wheel Drive, Rear-Wheel Drive, or AWD

Great Acceleration, and Speed, I'm sure there are ways to make it go even-faster...


Weight : 8.15 lbs (3.69 kg), Brand: Dapu M155, Type: Rear-Mounted Geared Hub, Front-Mounted Geared Hub, Nominal Output: 750 watts (Two Motors 1,500 Watts Total), Peak Output: 900 watts (Two Motors 1,800 Watts Total), Torque: 75 Newton meters (Two Motors 150 Watts Total)

Weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg), Brand: Samsung 18650 25E, Voltage: 48 volts, Amp Hours: 14.5 ah (Optional 17.6 ah), Watt Hours: 696 wh (Optional 844.8wh), Chemistry: Lithium-ion

UPGRADED: 844.8 wh battery.

UPGRADED: 17600ah battery

UPGRADED: Motorcycle Horn (Loud) Very Useful and Practical

UPGRADED: Lights and Lighting Display with Remote Control, sets the Light Color and Function from Solid to Strobe and other Modes. Very Useful for Visibility. Sides to Rear, and A Full Second Headlight for additional Visibility.

UPGRADED: Rear-View Mirror Displays Definitely a Great-Look, Comforting, and virtually-essential when You can see behind Yourself clearly. It is a big difference, and very-practical for Street Use

UPGRADED: Cell Phone Carrier Mount (Available)

UPGRADED: City Slick, Street Tires

UPGRADED: Tire Liners to prevent Punctures and Flats

UPGRADED: (Available) Carrying Bag, Currently carries the Remote for the Lights, Plus Your Effects, Plus a Portable Power Source and Charging Station for USB (Available), to Power the Additional Lights and Horn. (The Additional Lights etc. are not attached to the EBikes Battery Source)

UPGRADED: Rear-Mount Cargo Rack with Lockable Durable Safe-Box. Great for Storing Practical Things, like Your Keys , Wallet, or Other Effects....and Carry One Small Key. Good for Carrying a Cover or For Transport and Delivery with Practical and altogether Safe Means.

(Available) Brand New Set of Knobby Fat Tires, as a second set, that came with the Bike, originally

Reason For Sale: Need A Car for Work Purposes

No of Owners Single Owner
Colour Black
Date of Posting 18-07-2022

Photos : 5 Pictures Available

Black Ariel Rider D-Class
Black Ariel Rider D-Class
Black Ariel Rider D-Class
Black Ariel Rider D-Class
Black Ariel Rider D-Class
Black Ariel Rider D-Class


Important: Never pay the Seller before seeing and verifying the bike and all associated documents.

Asking Price: 2999

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Name : Michael James Palmieri
Seller Type : Individual

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