2024's Folding E-Bikes in the US

Leading Folding Electric Bicycle: Specs, Prices & Images

Presenting a concise overview of the US's 2024 lineup of electric folding bikes, spotlighting compact designs packed with power for the ultimate in mobility and convenience, complete with details on spec, range, prices, and images for informed decision-making.

Top 7 Electric Folding Bikes in US 2024

Sl No Model Top Speed (kmph) Price Power Range
1 Lectrix XP 3.0 45 $ 999 1000W 45 or 65 miles
2 Ride1Up Portola 45 $ 995 750W 20-40 miles (10.4Ah) 25-45 miles (13.4Ah)
3 RadPowerBikes RadExpand 5 32-45 $ 1,599 750W 25 - 45 miles per charge (estimate)
4 Aventon Sinch.2 32 $ 1,799 750W Up to 88.5 Km/55 Miles on PAS, 22 Miles on Throttle
5 GoCycle G4i 25 $ 6,200 500W Up to 80km (50 miles), depending on pedal input
6 Tern Vektron S10 32 $ 3,299 400 Wh 400 Wh: 53 -106 km (34-68 mi)
7 Blix Vika Plus Flex 38 $ 1,499 500W Up to 45 Miles (72.4 Km)

Details of the above electric folding bikes:
  • Lectrix XP 3.0 Lectrix XP 3.0
    The Lectrix XP 3.0, featuring a foldable frame for easy storage and transport, combines a long-range internal 48V lithium-ion battery with a 500W hub motor, peaking at 1000W. It offers a range of 45 or 65 miles, ensuring extended travel on a single charge. With 55nm of torque, it accelerates quickly, enhanced by an LCD display for real-time stats.
  • Ride1Up Portola Ride1Up Portola
    Ride1Up Portola stands out with its 48V 750W, 65Nm geared hub motor, offering ranges of 20-45 miles depending on the battery. It features a foldable design, making it a perfect choice for urban environments and storage. The bike comes with a KD21C adjustable speed LCD display for easy monitoring of your ride's parameters.
  • RadPowerBikes RadExpand 5 RadPowerBikes RadExpand 5
    Equipped with a 750W brushless geared hub motor, the RadPowerBikes RadExpand 5 achieves a 25-45 mile range per charge, supported by a 672Wh battery. This model is notable for its foldable attribute, which complements its 7-speed gear system and durable KMC Z7 chain, ensuring both portability and performance for city commutes and beyond.
  • Aventon Sinch.2 Aventon Sinch.2
    Aventon Sinch.2, with its robust 500W brushless hub motor peaking at 750W, features a removable internal lithium-ion 48V 14Ah battery. This foldable bike offers up to 55 miles on PAS and 22 miles on throttle, supporting a load capacity of 300 lbs and reaching a top speed of 32 kmph. It's designed for both city commutes and leisure rides.
  • GoCycle G4i GoCycle G4i
    The GoCycle G4i integrates a foldable design with a proprietary front hub motor, delivering smooth, efficient power. Offering up to 50 miles range and a quick charge time of 3.5 hours, this bike is designed for performance and portability. The construction features hydro-formed alloy and carbon fibre, ensuring durability and style.
  • Tern Vektron S10 Tern Vektron S10
    Tern Vektron S10 showcases a Bosch Performance motor with 300% assist and 65Nm torque, providing a 34-68 mile range. The bike's foldable nature, allowing for a quick folding time of 10 seconds, makes it highly convenient for commuters. Paired with a Bosch PowerPack 400 Wh battery and a Bosch Purion display, it offers unparalleled efficiency and portability.
  • Blix Vika Plus Flex Blix Vika Plus Flex
    Blix Vika Plus Flex offers efficiency and durability with its 614Wh (48V) battery and a 500W geared rear hub-motor, ensuring a range of up to 45 miles. Its foldable frame enhances portability, making it an ideal choice for urban explorers. The bike also features a 6-hour charge time and an LCD display with USB port, adding a modern touch to this bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top folding electric bikes available in the US for 2024?

Top folding electric bikes in the US for 2024 include the Lectrix XP 3.0, Ride1Up Portola, RadPowerBikes RadExpand 5, Aventon Sinch.2, and GoCycle G4i, among others. These models stand out for their exceptional spec, extended range, competitive prices, and high-quality images that showcase their design and functionality, offering unparalleled mobility and convenience for riders.

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