Can Yamaha's Y-AMT System Transform Your Riding Experience?

Discover How Yamaha's Automated Manual Transmission Redefines Motorcycle Dynamics

Yamaha has once again pushed the boundaries of motorcycle innovation with the introduction of their new Yamaha Automated Manual Transmission (Y-AMT). This advanced gear-shifting system promises to enhance the riding experience by allowing riders to focus more on enjoying their journey.

Can Yamaha Y Amt System Transform Your Riding Experience

A New Era in Sports Riding

Inspired by Yamaha's Jin-Ki Kanno philosophy, which emphasizes the joy of a harmonious connection between rider and machine, the Y-AMT aims to deepen this bond. The system offers a choice between a finger-operated manual shift and a fully automatic transmission, catering to different riding preferences and conditions.

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Yamaha Y Amt System Handlebar Outline

Fast and Precise Shifts at Your Fingertips

The Y-AMT system eliminates the need for a traditional shifting pedal, allowing for faster and more intuitive gear changes using only the hands. This setup enables riders to maintain their focus on throttle control, braking, and body positioning, enhancing overall control and performance, especially in corners.

Manual and Automatic Options

Riders can switch between a manual transmission (MT) mode, which allows for precise gear shifts with a simple press of a button, and an automatic transmission (AT) mode, which offers two settings: 'D+' for a sporty ride and 'D' for a smoother, more relaxed experience. This versatility ensures that the Y-AMT system can adapt to various riding scenarios, from spirited rides to daily commutes.

Yamaha Y Amt System Switches

Lightweight and Compact Design

The Y-AMT system, weighing just 2.8 kg, incorporates electric actuators that handle the clutch and gear shifts, maintaining Yamaha's commitment to a compact and lightweight chassis design. This ensures that the motorcycle's handling and performance remain top-notch, providing a dynamic and engaging ride.

Enhanced Riding Experience

Working seamlessly with Yamaha's ride-by-wire throttle control system, switchable ride modes, and cruise control, the Y-AMT-equipped motorcycles offer a refined riding experience. This technology not only improves performance but also makes the ride more enjoyable and less demanding for the rider.

Yamaha Y Amt System Transmission

Embracing the Future of Motorcycling

Yamaha’s introduction of Y-AMT marks a significant step forward in motorcycle technology. By focusing on enhancing the rider’s experience through innovative gear-shifting technology, Yamaha continues to lead the way in creating motorcycles that deliver both excitement and convenience. The Y-AMT system is set to be introduced across a range of models soon, offering a new level of sports riding, touring, and commuting.

Last updated on 26-06-2024. Published in US Motorcycle News
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